Music is such an important part of the lives of all people and cultures. Ridgewood Park Elementary offers a quality and comprehensive music program. In this environment the students acquire the knowledge and skills to become musically literate.

Celebrate Music

Our students have an active participation in the processes of creating, performing, and responding. With the outstanding facilities we have on our campus there is ample opportunity for each child to discover his/her own creative potential. Every student in grades K through 5 is enrolled for a 45 minute music lesson.

The Ridgewood Park Catalyst for Change dance group is open to all third, fourth and fifth graders who likes to sing and dance. Our music and dance program is well-known and our students have had several successful performances throughout the OCPS district. It balances both the musical and cultural features of any song, dance or instrumental performance. It contributes to the students' perspectives of self-image and the students' relationship to others, locally and global.