Parental Involvement Plan

Getting Involved

1. School Improvement Plans

At each school, the School Advisory Council (SAC) assists with developing a school improvement plan for the academic school year. Schools need to know where they are, where they want to be and how they can best get there. The school district has a strategic planning process that helps SACs set goals and establish strategies for reaching those goals. Additionally, the strategic planning process helps schools, parents and students create a shared vision and provide support for achieving success. The district and learning community staff provide focused support for schools as they implement their school improvement plans.

2. Parent-Teacher Support Groups

Schools also have schoolwide parent-teacher support groups. The majority of these support groups are Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSA). Local school unit PTAs and PTSAs are part of the Orange County Council of PTA, as well as the Florida PTA and National PTA. PTA provides members with parent education, leadership training and a powerful voice of advocacy on behalf of all children. PTA also pursues legislative initiatives adopted by its members in Orange County and has been named as the Orange County Public Schools’ parent group of choice.

3. School Advisory Council

Each Orange County public school invites parents to get involved. One of the ways parents can get involved is through the School Advisory Council (SAC). This council is a group that brings representatives of stakeholders together to assist with developing a school improvement plan. Each school must have a SAC that is ethnically, racially and economically representative of its community. Members of the SAC are selected according to procedures established by the school and school board in compliance with the requirements of state statutes. Each SAC is composed of the principal and representatives of teachers, education support employees, parents, community members, and students. High schools and technical centers must have students on SACs. Student membership on middle school SACs is optional. Teachers, education support employees, students and parents are elected to the SAC by their peer groups. Community members are selected by the principal.

4. Title I Parental Involvement

The Title I Parental Involvement District Advisory Council (PIDAC) serves as the collective voice of Title I parents throughout Orange County Public Schools and focuses on developing partnerships between parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders, creating effective and engaging parent involvement programs and; developing and implementing parent involvement policies/plans.

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