Media Center Policies

Circulation Policies and Procedures

Scheduling the Media Center and/or Media Specialist’s Services Flexible scheduling is best. You and your students are welcome anytime. If you are requesting services from the media specialist other than general book checkout, then please give a brief explanation of the planned activity or materials that will be needed to insure preparations are made.

Only 1 class per period will be scheduled so that students with individual passes may come in.

A. Class Visits: The usage of the media center is encouraged and should be scheduled in advance so that adequate preparations can be made. Teachers should remain with their class during this time. Media center visits should not be scheduled when a substitute teacher is scheduled.

B. Individual Student Passes: Every teacher is provided with 2 white general media center passes and one laminated research pass. Students coming to the media center should have one of these passes. They may also use their reading log as a pass.

Student Policies and Rules Checkout

-General Collection/AR Books: 2 weeks
-Reference/Reserved Books: overnight
-Magazines: May not be checked out of the media center

Overdue Fines/Lost Book Fees

-All Overdue Books: .5 cents per school day
-If a book is lost or damaged, the student who checked out the book is responsible for paying the cost of the book to replace it.