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Hello Tiger Family, 

My name is Rebecca Yedvobnick, also known as "Ms. Y," and I am honored to serve as the PROUD Principal of Ridgewood Park Elementary.  I had the privilege of serving as Assistant Principal at Ridgewood Park from 2018-2021, before being appointed as Principal in the summer of 2021. I fell in love with Ridgewood Park the minute I stepped into the building. We have the most amazing students, teachers, families, and community in OCPS!  Ridgewood Park is home for me, and I am so privileged to continue serving at our school.

At the core of my being, I believe EVERY child deserves an EXCEPTIONAL educational experience.  Each year, we work tirelessly to make the following vision our reality:
At Ridgewood Park Elementary, we provide all students an exceptional educational experience that leads to excellence in present and future endeavors.
This means that when your student walks through the doors of Ridgewood Park Elementary, they are in a safe environment where they are loved, taken care of, and valued.  This means only hiring the highest quality staff who are dedicated to putting in 150% every day for your child.  This means when your student leaves Ridgewood Park Elementary, they are readers.  This means we take care of the “whole child” and prioritize the social and emotional needs of all students.  Most importantly of all, this means when your child leaves Ridgewood Park, they will never see failure as an option.  We are here to motivate, educate, and empower your child.  
We have had tremendous success as we have worked to make the above a reality. Our school grade went from an F in 2020-2021 to a high B in 2023-2024. Over the last 3 years, we have increased our ELA proficiency from 26% to 50%, our math proficiency from 20% to 56% and our science proficiency from 12% to 70%. Our goal is to be an "A" school and stay an "A" school!
Success is not possible without the engagement of all stakeholders.
We can only provide the best experience for your child when there is engagement from families and the community.  I encourage all of you to attend our monthly PTO/SAC meetings and other engagement opportunities at the school.  I look forward to a year of collaboration with all stakeholders.  Thank you for your support of Ridgewood Park!


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